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Product Related Services
HRCMETAL INTERNATIONALL LTD. offers a broad line. With many years of experience in the plumbing products, we have a firm understanding of the markets enabling us to develop products which suit the specific features and requirements of your business.

HRCMETAL INTERNATIONAL LTD. offers OEM/ODM customers for plumbing items. Our experienced teams will help you get started with the initial ideas.

HRCMETAL INTERNATIONAL LTD. provides below products & service of sourcing the vendors for below manufacturing process. Please send us prints or samples & we will send our quotation for your consideration.   

Brass /stainless steel Ball Valves
Brass Waste Drain
Cast Iron products
Brass / Stainless Steel stamping products
Brass / Stainless Steel bar stock machining products
Brass / Steel Forging products
Plastic injections
Rubber Parts
Zinc / Aluminum die castings
S.S. wire products